Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Sign Up for lojistechs™ Assistant Or lojistechs™ Team To Use You As My Freight Forwarder?

Absolutely not. You can use us strictly as your freight forwarder and benefit from our digital freight forwarding platform without using Assistant or Team.

Why Do I Need To Sign A Power Of Attorney?

U.S. Customs and Import and Export Laws and Regulations requires a Power of Attorney be signed in order to allow us to perform “Customs business” as necessary, prepare and file Import and Export documents, and act as the agent on your behalf for the purposes of Importing and Exporting. It is NOT a contract and it gives us NO authority over you and your business.

Why Do You Need A Copy Of An ID And Proof Of EIN With The Power Of Attorney?

We need to verify the identity of the Officer signing the PoA, and to verify your EIN is accurate and valid. When we do this, we’re also making sure you’re protected by not allowing anyone to use your personal or business name without authorization.

Is My Information Safe?

Always. We value your privacy and will never share your information with any 3rd party, unless it’s necessary in the course of our duties as a service provider.

If I Sign A Power Of Attorney Do I Have To Use You As My Forwarder?

While we want you to, signing the PoA or our Terms of Service does not create any obligation between us. It is NOT a contract. You are free to use us as little or as often (and we hope often), as you’d like.